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We're a pair of avid, but ordinary, climbers who've combined our passion for scenic ascents with a healthy dose of wanderlust to sample routes around the U.S. and the world. We work ordinary jobs (well, sort of), max out in the 5.11s and enjoy rest days as much as sends. We'll use this blog to share experiences from our trips as well as handy tips for taking your love for climbing on the road, regardless of your level or travel experience.

Stacey on Drugs Are Nice (5.10a) in Witches Canyon/Penitente Canyon, Colorado
Stacey McKenna writes about travel, adventure, community, health and social justice for a variety of websites and print publications, including Misadventures Magazine, Mind+Body, Narratively, The Wayward Post and Paste Travel. From studying Arabic in Morocco to yoga in India, her perpetually itchy feet have long carried her across the globe. After about eight years of climbing, she still quakes in her harness -- even on top rope -- and comes to tears on the occasional heady approach. But she loves the sport for pushing her fears and taking her to places unimagined.

Mike on Something Snake (5.10b), Cobra Wall, Tonsai Beach, Thailand

Mike Spasev cut his climbing teeth scaling Garden of the Gods’ delicate red sandstone and Penitente Canyon’s razor-sharp sharp volcanic tuff. Since his teens, he's chased cliffs and boulders throughout North America. A child of immigrants with an insatiable curiosity about life, it's only natural his adventures have expanded in recent years to include international destinations. 

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